Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt price

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Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt price

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Product Description
Annealed furnace mesh belt, broiled furnace mesh belt, electric furnace high temperature resistance, Mosaic mesh belt has the advantages of high heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance, large tensile strength, small elongation, uniform pitch, fast heat flow circulation, energy saving, long service life, etc. Specifications are crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond, energy saving type, such as double helix; The materials are A3 mild steel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 heat resistant steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, etc.
Is mainly used in glass products, ceramic products of annealing, quenching, hot-melt, toughened tunnel kiln conveyor line, such as, metal and glass bottles, food, bulbs, vessels, chemical fiber, electron, powder metallurgy, heat treatment and other industries the use of automatic equipment and automatic assembly line, is suitable for natural gas, coke oven gas and electronic infrared transmission using of various kinds of kiln system.
Technical parameters
Not all parameters are included,reference only.
ProductStainless Steel conveyor belt
MaterialSUS304 SUS304 SS304N
Use1.postive sprocket drive ensures stable running .
2.belt has smooth surface and unstable products can be carried .
3.washing is easy
4. High temperature resistant .
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